Greddy GREX Rear Brake Kit
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The Nissan 350Z with a Greddy GREX Rear Brake Kit is one of the best in the world. The reason I state that is because they have one of the best stopping power for high horse power car. The Greddy GREX Rears Brake Kit are finest replacement brakes kit that meet and go beyond all vehicle manufacturers' specifications and tolerances. The Greddy GREX Rears Brake Kit are fully compatible with stock calipers, wheels and additional chassis components, easily install onto a vehicle. This Greddy GREX Rears Brake Kit rotor provides a path to disperse built up heat and gasses that result from the brake pads acting on the Greddy GREX Rears Brake Kit rotors, as well as help to clean and refresh the brake pad surface. Greddy GREX Rears Brake Kit steel braided lines improve component performance over the stock rubber hose. With rubber hose, the fluid under pressure flexes the hose, cause loss in firmness and reaction.

With the Greddy GREX Rears Brake Kit steel braided lines; the response is firmer giving you more control. Backed by extensive research and development, GREX Brake Systems are designed as full competition spec. brake kits suitable for street use. Each application specific Greddy GREX Brake System kit will work with a wide variety of wheels. Lightweight 4 piston aluminum calipers are designed to be as compact as possible and are stylishly protected by either the classic GREX Gold hard anodized finish. Large lightweight GREX two-piece rotors use an anodized, duralumin bell housing to prevent rusting and scratching. The finest quality Earl's Teflon lined stainless braided brake hoses are also included for maximum performance and reliability.

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